Biosphere Association and Nepal

Biosphere Association is collaborating with the Himalayan Biodiversity and Climate Change Center and Nepal River Conservation Trust (NRCT) to give voice and action in support of Nepal's river systems.

River Monitoring

The Himalayan Biodiversity and Climate Change Center is monitoring water quality and flow in the upper reaches of the Bagmati River Basin every month. They are training young scientists in field work and techniques of data collection and management for biological, phisical, and chemical measurments and also working with local residents encouraging citizen science. Biosphere Association is supporting this work.

Bagmati River Expedition 2015

In April 2015 A team of Nepalese scientists hiked along the Bagmati River to the border with India studying the river system, effects of pollution, and human-river interaction.

National River Summit 2014

Biosphere Association supported the National River Summit in September 2014 in Nepal to bring together those with interests in the use, management, and conservation of the rivers in Nepal and the ecosystems they support. The Summit was organized by Nepal River Conservation Trust.

 National River Summit Document

National River Summit Document

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Bagmati River Cleaning

There is a great effort underway to clean the Bagmati River that flows through the Kathmandu valley.
The pollution in the river is not just unhealthy and unpleasant for the inhabitants and environment of the valley but it flows on to India and into the Bay of Bengal.
Each week we join the many people, groups, and organisations that manually pick up rubbish along the river. Slowly, there is improvement seen along the banks of the Bagmati but this is just the start. Much work is needed on policy to provide future protection, Waste Management systems need to be improved, and education and awareness programs are required to change old habits.


For the Climate+Change Exhibition in Kathmandu, Biosphere Association has acquired permissions to screen the following films:
- Blue Gold, with permission from Sam Bozzo
- Trashed, with permission from Blenheim films
- 11th Hour, sponsored by Treemedia foundation
- Addicted to Plastic, with permission from Crypticmoth
- Age of Stupid, sponsored by Biosphere Association
- Garbage Dreams, sponsored by Biosphere Association
- Fourhorsemen, with permission from Megan Ashcroft at Fourhorsemen films

Thank you to all involved.